SWF iDentifier

  SWF files analyzer
	Detect common SWF protectors, SWF obfuscators, SWF cryptors and SWF compilers.
File: SWF_iD_0.8.rar
License:Free for personal use
Last update:January 25 2014
File size:213.2 KB
OS:All Windows NT
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  • Signature analysis.
  • Both zLib and LZMA compression supported.
  • Process scanning with customizable sensitivity and junk filtration. Founded SWFs can be dumped.
  • Directory scanning.
  • DefineBinaryData tags viewer and extractor.
  • Save uncompressed SWF functionality.
  • Quick access to your favorite tools.
  • Plugin Interface.
  • Very simple, intuitive and just superb GUI.
  • Shell integration, Command line support, Always on top and Drag'n'Drop capabilities.
  • External signatures interface: users can add new and edit existing signatures.
    Update 25.01.2014
  • Changed: scanning algorithm - Increased speed and accuracy of scanning. Signatures are included.
  • Added: external scan mode. Use signature.bd.
  • Added: path to the SWF file in the Process Scann.
  • Added: resize Process Scann.
  • Added: filtration processes using flash player only.
  • Added: In Process Scann added popup menu found in SWF files.
  • Fixed: Some bug fixes.
    Update 1.09.2013
  • Some bug fixes
    Update 31.08.2013
  • Bug fixes.
  • Added: Entropy for DefineBinaryData.
  • Added: Sorting for Process Scan.
  • Added: Update tool.
  • Changed: Decompression algorithm zLib.
  • Fixed: Sensitivity value.
  • Fixed: Shell Integration.
  • Signature updates.
    Update 19.07.2013
  • Bug fixes.
  • Added icon for favorite tools.
  • Added sorting for Tag Parser.
  • Signature updates.